Why Buying a Piano Used and Independently Could Cost More Than Its Worth

bullet imagebullet imageSpecialty piano and music shops collect some gorgeous pianos, including a number of antiques as well as fresh brand new kansas city pianos that have never been touched. The experts at the shop understand the nuances of the piano, as well as its special personality and what kind of player would best be suitable. There is a dance in music that is not always physical. The special relationship between the player and the piano begins with an introduction. Master piano players understand this, but many new players have not touched on that relationship. There are three main reasons why buying used could be problematic.

Tune Up: Just like a guitar, the notes can be distorted over time. It is possible that a piano becomes untenable due to technical errors, and that is a risk of buying used outside of a shop. Pianos are generally tuned twice a year, and some even argue three times a year with steady use.

Cleaning: Dust settles in the interior of the piano. The dust can slightly distort the sound. Food could even get in the piano, and it is not entirely unheard of for small animals to set a home in the piano. At the end of the day, cleaning must be done periodically, and it must be done carefully. Commit to cleaning once every three months, and do it through a professional cleaner that will not damage the small subtle parts.

A Home: Try to keep the piano in one spot for a long time. Become dedicated to the spot after choosing it. Moving a piano can severely damage it. Every time it is moved, there is a risk that it could be irrevocably damaged. Professional movers will take responsibility for any damages (if they occur). There are even special piano movers that are inclined to use all protective measures and proper moving to make sure everything remains in good standing. Regardless, it isn’t something a piano owner wants to deal with more than once.

Neglect is one of the only things that can dramatically age the piano and ignored maintenance has been the death of many kansas city pianos that would have lasted many generations. Piano ownership requires a continuation of that relationship that begins with the initial purchase. Make sure to commit to the standards of piano care.